I’m incredibly passionate about amateur radio, not only as a hobby, but as critical need to our community in times of disaster response and community events.  I also want to be able to help bring up new amateur radio operators, including our youth, to ensure amateur radio continues for generations to come.

I’m no stranger to incident management and emergency communications. For nine years I worked my way up in the ranks, ending in Lieutenant, of a local police department’s auxiliary unit.

If there’s anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or Hamshack Hotline ext. 50195.


  • SRC DEM Alternate Logistics Chief/Asst. Citizen Corps Coordinator | 1-December, 2022 – Present
  • ARES Section Emergency Coordinator Northern Florida | 9-December, 2021 – Present
  • ARES Emergency Coordinator Santa Rosa County, FL | 8-June, 2020 – Present
  • ARES Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator Northern Florida | 23-September, 2021 – 8-December, 2021
  • ARES Assistant Emergency Coordinator Santa Rosa County, FL | November 2017 – 7-June, 2020

I also manage & administer the county’s DSTAR repeater system and, I operate DSTAR Reflector 46.

Licenses and Certifications

Amateur Radio

  • Achieved Technician in 2016
  • Achieved General in 2017
  • Achieved Extra in 2019
  • AuxComm Class in February 2020


  • Advanced Skywarn Spotter in 2019

My Equipment

  • HF
    • Primary
      • Flex 6600
    • ​Mobile
      • Yaesu FTM-400DR (Fusion)
      • Dual Comet SSB-5 NMO Antennas
      • TYT 9000D 220 (I operate the KO4SRC 224.000 repeater)
    • Home
      • ICOM 9700
      • ​Yaesu FTM-400
      • Comet GP-3
      • Comet GP-1
    • HT
      • Yaesu FT-2DR
      • ICOM ID-51A Anniversary
      • Kenwood TH-D74
      • Anytone 878
      • Yaesu FT-3DR


  • Ham of the Year NOARC – 2017

Primary Interests

  • Emergency Communications/Preparedness
  • DSTAR (If you ever need help, please reach out)
  • Echolink (I operate the node to link users to the Santa Rosa County EOC repeater)
  • Antenna Building (still learning)
  • Solar Power
  • Hoping to get into Contesting

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