Useful Links

As I’m learning more and more about the HAM radio hobby/sport  I wanted to keep a running list of useful links that I’ve found for training material and resources.  I hope that this page will help you in your journey to become more familiar with this truly wonderful hobby.


No-Nonsense Study Guides – Fantastic guides to help you pass any of the 3 tests  ($7.99)
Technician Class Video – Excellent video that is based off the above study guide (free)
Technician Question Walk Through – This video series walks through each question (free)
Practice Test – Once you’ve got a 90% consistently on the practice test, you’re good (free)

Yeasu Fusion/WiresX

2016 Intro to Fusion/WiresX Video – Best video on an intro to how YSF/WiresX work
Setting up an FTM-100DR with HRI 200 – Video on setting up a WiresX node
WiresX Node List – Live updated listing of all WiresX Nodes
WiresX Room List – Think of these as conference bridges over the internet to RF
Fusion Repeater List – RepeaterBook’s list of all YSF repeaters

*Important note, DSTAR advanced use requires registration to DSTAR network.  Reflectors are very similar to the Yaesu WiresX Room’s (think of them as conference bridges, joining multiple repeaters together across the internet).

DSTAR Info – Main DSTAR page with repeater locations, maps, registration, etc.
DSTAR Guide – $15.99 on Amazon.  Great reference.
Intro to DSTAR Video – Quick video on what DSTAR actually is
Registration Video – How to get registered to be able to use advanced features
Reflector Use Video – Great one on how reflectors work and proper settings
Gateway setting video – Common mistake people make when using DSTAR
DVAP/Raspberry Pi Setup Video – How to setup a DVAP dongle with a Raspberry PI


Ham Nation – Great weekly show!!  I started at episode 1 and learned a lot
Making that first call video – Great little clip on calling CQ
Conversation Stack Video – For those shy people that don’t know what to say
Station Grounding Video – Brief video on proper grounding
Intro to Call Signs Video – Detail on how a call sign is broken down
Applying for a Vanity Call Sign Video – How exactly do you get a vanity call sign?
QRZ – Call sign lookups as well as you can log your contacts once you register
ARRL – National Amateur Radio Association

Florida Panhandle Area Radio Clubs

NOARC – North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club (Crestview, FL)
PARC – Playground Amateur Radio Club (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)
MARC – Milton Amateur Radio Club (Milton, FL)
FFARA – Five Flags Amateur Radio Association (Pensacola, FL)

Weather Watching/Emergency Communications