January 2018 Tech Tip

Posted: January 7, 2018 in Technology

One thing is for sure, even though it is a new year, cyber security threats aren’t going away.  One of our first lines of defense against a cyber security threat is you!

Most recent cyber security attacks start with a simple e-mail known as a phishing message.  These messages are intended to look like an email from someone or a company that you may possibly know.  It may even appear as if it’s the name of a person you know within your company.  Most of these suspicious messages will have either an attachment that you are asked to open or a link to a website.

If you receive an unexpected message with a link or attachment, take a moment before proceeding to act on the message to see if there’s anything that “just doesn’t look right”.  Make sure the email address is the actual address of the sender.  One of the easiest ways to verify a message is legitimate is to call or email the person whom sent you the message and verify they sent it (if it is a person you know).

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