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Back Again

Posted: June 1, 2022 in Insights

Well unfortunately life has been incredibly busy over the last few years between my full-time job and volunteer positions, so I haven’t had an opportunity to write much and keep my website up to date. I’m getting ready to embark on some new adventures so thought I’d take a moment to update on those things as I do them.

As far as general life updates, a global pandemic happened in 2020 and turned life upside down. During that time I lost my mom, an aunt and uncle, and one of our 4 legged babies (Sophie.) It has been an incredibly challenging time but I’m still here and will make it somehow.

If the pandemic and all these loses taught us anything, it’s that life is short and it’s time to live. My wife and I are taking as many opportunities as we can to get away together, even if it’s just for the weekend. All we have left when we leave is our memories and we’re trying to make sure we have enough of those for a lifetime.

In June of 2020 I was appointed as the Santa Rosa County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) Emergency Coordinator. In this role I ensure that Santa Rosa County Emergency Management has the support it needs from us should normal communications methods, such as cellular and internet, fail from a natural disaster or other issue.

As of December 2021, I was additionally appointed as the Section ARES Emergency Coordinator for Northern Florida. In this role, I help ensure that all of our section county ARES teams have the resources they need to support themselves locally and develop training and exercise activities to move us forward.

Lots of things on the horizon and hopefully I’ll have time to write about them all.

America, Beacon of Hope

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Insights
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For any of you that know my wife and I, you know that we are not really “people” people. I used to be but have been a lot more inward in the last 10 years. We didn’t really feel like doing much tonight from all the walking at the theme parks so we decided to hang out at the hot tub at the resort tonight. Now I’m one of those that normally complains so much about having to “deal with” all the foreign people down here in the Orlando area but I had my perspective changed tonight.

We met this wonderful couple from Switzerland tonight (the husband was originally from Scotland and the wife was from Italy.) We spent at least an hour talking to them. One of the questions I asked them was “Of all the places you’ve visited, what’s your favorite place to visit?” and I was shocked to hear the answer. He said “the US, specifically Florida.” This lead our conversation many places but he told me that the American culture is so very popular in Europe. He said one of the big things right now is that they absolutely love shirts that have American english words or slogans on them. I never realized how much folks from outside the states, love the states. We then got to talking about history of our homelands, etc and they just love the “liberty & freedom” of the United States and how in Europe everything is illegal except the specific things they allow as to where in the US everything is allowed except the things we specifically disallow.

I was proud of us for this cultural exchange. It was a great experience and so eye opening. So very thankful for this great country we live in. Even with all the “bad” we perceive others still see it as the beacon of hope that our forefathers had in mind.