Staying Current

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Technology

Staying at a job for more than a couple of years in the information technology field is truly an accomplishment these days.  I say these days but for as long as I can remember it’s always seemed like the trend has been between two to four years is the average job span of a person in this field.  Typically you find that most of these constant career changers are looking to work their way up the career ladder or they just aren’t being challenged enough in their current position.

For those blessed to have been with the same company for many years, how do you ensure that you as a person don’t lose your marketability by being at one place too long?  I personally believe staying current on technology is one of the most important things you can do to help your appeal to a new company should the time come whether you voluntarily or involuntarily have to leave your current position.  There are numerous ways you can stay up to date on current technology trends (without spending a dime.)

First, subscribe to company blogs from major technology providers such as Microsoft, Dell, Citrix, and many others.  There are also generic technology sites such as Engadget that can help you get a daily dose of what’s new in the technology world.  Another suggestion along this same line is to create yourself a Google News Alert that searches for certain keywords or company names and can alert you when new posts come out regarding that particular topic.

Secondly, get some refresher training.  The YouTube’s of the world have really changed the way information and instruction becomes available to the world.  There are many smart people out there who just enjoy talking and have posted videos on just about any topic you could possibly want to learn more about.  Microsoft also has free topic driven training available through their Microsoft Virtual Academy online.  Most classes are between one to four hours and really give you focussed training on technologies that Microsoft offers.

My third and final suggestion, write.  One of the main reasons I started blogging was to help keep my creative juices flowing but also it gives you “street credit” if you will among the industry to show that you really are interested in your current career field and gets you thinking about what you can use some of this wonderful technology for.

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