Southeastern Weather Net

Posted: July 25, 2016 in Green Eggs & HAM

I successfully checked in to my first “net” on HAM radio.  For those of you not familiar with what I’m talking about a “net” is a group meeting that all join up on a single frequency or in the case of this one it is operated on what is known as a reflector.  A good way to think about a reflector is like a phone conference bridge.  People can join in using a DSTAR capable radio either via a repeater or using a dongle, such as a DVAP, attached to your PC and then transmitting directly to it to the reflector.  Tonight was the southeastern weather net.

During the weather net the net controller, a person that “hosts” the net, introduces the purpose of the net followed by general announcements.  An opportunity is then given for anyone to announce any emergency notifications.  Following this initial process the net controller then calls for check-ins from each person state by state.  Once your state is called you are asked to key up for one second on your radio.  Since DSTAR is a digital technology when you key up it transmits your call sign automatically so the net operator can sign you in.  The operator then calls on each person that has checked in to provide their name and location and any weather updates they wish to provide.

I highly encourage you to find a net to check in to for your area to get the experience.  Nets will be critical during times of emergency communications so having the chance to utilize one prior to an actual emergency is a great thing!

For more information on DSTAR, check out my useful links page.

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